Tu es Petrus

One of the most popular albums by Piotr Rubik.

This oratorio, devoted to John Paul II had its premiere in June 2005 and the lead song – “Let them say it’s not love” is one of the biggest hits.

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From Piotr Rubik’s songbook. Songs for children

Definitely one of the most unique albums in Piotr Rubik discography.
Firstly – this is the album for children. Secondly – all songs are performed by talented teachers of Rubik Music School kindergarten together with their pupils. Last but not least – on the album you can find the sheet music for all songs and also karaoke versions so you can sing along with your family wherever and whenever inspiration kicks in! Enjoy!

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My most beautiful songs

27th November 2017 a new Piotr Rubik’s album was released: “My most beautiful songs”. On this CD you can find the greatest hits but also a few surprises.

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Pieśni Szczęścia

The new album featuring “Milość to słowa dwa” in stores now!

“Piesni szczęścia” is the highly anticipated new album from Piotr Rubik, and is his first new music since 2011 “Opisanie świata”.


Aspire Suite

A piece for 4 celli, choir and synths written for Aspire conference in Cracow, 20th of May 2015.

Tales from the Green Forest

A book and an audiobook with fairy tales Piotr Rubik wrote for his daughter Helena. Available in bookstores and online form 21st of May 2014. In Polish language.

A book and an audiobook with fairy tales Piotr Rubik wrote for his daughter Helena. Available in bookstores and online form 21st of May 2014. In Polish language.
Do you know a good way to build and strengthen the bond with your child? The best is a fairy tale before sleep! In his book, Piotr Rubik takes you on a magical, full of adventures and educating journey into the Green Forest. Together with Helena, her friend chameleon Gucio and Alice children will find out not only the world of animals but also they will learn how to be sensitive, how easy it is to solve problems when you’ve got friends at your side. This book and audiobook is in Polish language.

Golden Collection – Piotr Rubik

An album from “Golden Collection” series with well known and favorite songs by Piotr Rubik. Release date: 22nd of July 2014.


  1. Niech mówią, że to nie jest miłość – Zofia Nowakowska, Michał Gasz
  2. Psalm dla Ciebie – Małgorzata Markiewicz, Janusz Radek
  3. Świat się nie kończy – Anna Józefina Lubieniecka, Michał Gasz
  4. Dotyk – Edyta Górniak
  5. Rubikon (instr.) – Piotr Rubik
  6. Nasza niebezpieczna miłość – Michał Bajor
  7. Psalm kochania – Anna Józefina Lubieniecka, Michał Bogdanowicz
  8. Strażnik raju – Grzegorz Wilk
  9. Nie wstydź się mówić, że kochasz – Zofia Nowakowska, Michał Gasz
  10. Chciałbym – Michał Bajor
  11. Osobność – Paulina Lenda
  12. Dove Vai – Małgorzata Walewska, Fiolka, Michał Bajor
  13. Co ma przeminąć to przeminie – Zofia Nowakowska, Marta Moszczyńska, Anna Józefina Lubieniecka, Michał Gasz, Grzegorz Wilk, Michał Bogdanowicz
  14. Uwertura dla M. – Tytus Wojnowicz
  15. Oj kot! – Różni Wykonawcy
  16. Canto d’ucelli – Małgorzata Walewska
  17. Zdumienie – Michał Gasz
  18. Love Is A Game Today – Michał Bajor
  19. Most dwojga serc – Piotr Rubik, Marta Moszczyńska
  20. To cała prawda – Anna Józefina Lubieniecka, Zofia Nowakowska, Grzegorz Wilk, Michał Gasz

Spectacle “W pogoni za bajką”

W pogoni za bajką” is the latest family musical in Rampa theatre being Polish premiere of the innovate art by Monica Muskała and Janusz Margański…An album “live” with music from this play was released and is available for purchase in the theatre.

“Opisanie świata”

CD is inspired by thought of Venetian merchant Marco Polo wrote in the book titled “Description of the World” and will focus on different faces of love. On this CD we can hear the vocalists cooperating with Piotr Rubik: Zofia Nowakowska, Grzegorz Wilk, Marta Moszczyńska, Michał Gasz, Ewa Prus. Lyrics to the songs has been written by Zbigniew Książek. Premiere November 8th, 2011.

“Santo Subito”

Musical biography pf pope John Paul II is another work by Piotr Rubik for soloists, choir and symphony orchestra.

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Shanghai Rhapsody

Official music for Polish pavillon on Expo 2010 in Shanghai