The Little Giants from the coach’s POV – Finals!

“And the winner of the first Polish edition of Little Giants is Piotr Rubik’s team!”. When I heard these words spoken by Kuba Wojewódzki I was filled with euphoria. So many weeks of hard work, training, nerves…. I was so proud of my kids!

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The Little Giants from the coach’s POV – 4

Yes! We’re in the finals! That’s really fantastic news!
First a few words about something you can’t see in the show, I wanted to write about it long ago but was forgetting all the time.
In „Little Giants” you can’t see our (coaches) work with children at all but it’s really there… Of course the coaches from the programme (Monika, Roofi, Piotr and others) work really hard with the kids but me, Aneta and other „stars” we are almost always at the rehearsals, we listen, look, give comments, cheer up, motivate. Unfortunately you can’t see that during the show and it looks like the only work we have to do is to sit with children backstage and give them hugs after the performance. It’s not like that but unfortunately one can’t see that on TV, pity. These are the rules of this show.   Maybe in other countries no one was so positively involved like us? Nevermind, the most important thing is that there are good results, the team motivated and well – knit.
The 8 episode I will remember as the most stressful… But first things first.
First were the dancers. Thay had extremely difficult choreography. A lot of „storytelling”, less moments to really dance. I was afraid a bit that this is too complicated and maybe it won’t be appreciated. Nina and Adam were also very nervous. Until the very end of rehearsals they were not shure if it goes well. Fortunately everything went good with full concentration and big stress. They received good notes, their effort was appreciated. Average 10! After the performance they run to us almost crying, there was no need to worry anymore.
Second were Kinga ans Stas. And now I should say something about the pianist, Grzegorz who accompanies children during their performance. The kids are unpredictable. During the performance they can suddenly change key, rhytm, can get lost in a most unexpected moment. And then Grzegorz always saves them, careful and vigilant caches any mistake and changes it in favor of the kids so the audience never knows there was a problem. It was like that this time. Our youngest kids for the second time had to address Marek Grechuta song. „Nie dokazuj” is a perfect song matching the mood of „the lovers” of Klika Rubika. Stas suddenly started to sing in different key, played the violin in different one. Kinga was surprised and sang her part in another:) Well, it happens with small kids. Fortunately mr pianist, fast as a machine gun catched the keys and made them suit the situation. I don’t know who was the most surprised – pianist, kids or we at the backstage but it worked! 10’s! Relief. After that I was sure that we’ll be in finals because the last to perform was Olivia and after the rehearsals I knew it’s gonna be fun!. And so it was, lot of energy, with feeeling, brilliant. No surprises – we’re in the finals. We are very happy about it because as I mentioned earlier it was a very nervous episode but dreams come true, you have to believe and work hard.
And in the finals – lot of surprises…:) Be with us on saturday. It’s gonna be fun! And – in the finals the points will be reset! We’re fighting from zero…

The Little Giants from the coach’s POV – 3

Last saturday we fought in the 7th episode. We’re in the semifinals of Poland’s first edition of „The Little Giants” show! Big emotions and big success. There are no weak teams in this show.
Our performance was started by Kinga and Stas.

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The Little Giants from the coach’s POV – 2

So we’re after the 6th episode. Again we managed to stay in the show! What a thrill! This saturday our direct rivals were „Czaderki”. It’s a very strong team so we had to do our best not only to stay in program but also to perform great in comparison.

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The Little Giants from the coach’s POV – 1

The Little Giants show is being made very professionally and with a big attention to detail when it comes to viewer’s emotions but you have no chance, sitting in front of your TV every saturday to experience all the things we do as a team.

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How to get an autograph

I get a lot of inquiries about how to get my autograph so I decided to write this short text to save your time so you won’t need to write emails with questions about that.

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Showbusiness fundamentals – chapter 1

Bearing in mind the fact that I’ve been dealing with the music industry for many years, I decided to share my experience and give some tips.I will publish them from time to time to support beginners, who are dreaming about a big career, but also maybe … to inspire old stagers 😉

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