How to get an autograph?

Update – now you can get a signed album here

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To begin with, bad news – unfortunately, I do not send autographs by regular mail. I do not have an agency, I don’t live near the post office, I don’t have time for that. It makes no sense to ask me.
Now the good news – there are other ways 🙂
– First of all – you can get the autograph after my concert. I never refuse. I often go out after the show to the audience and at a specially prepared table sign until the last person waiting. Sometimes the character of the show or of the venue does not allow us to organize signing session so one can wait for me at the exit (although sometimes it takes a long time). I also do not refuse.
– Secondly – sometimes you can meet me in the city (mainly in Warsaw, Wroclaw less). I never refuse.
– Thirdly – television. Every time when I go eg. Good Morning TVN morning show there’s always a group of people waiting to collect autographs. There are never any problems.
Therefore – see you 🙂

Can I perform one of your songs?

Every piece of music which was released is available to perform during concerts. If those are commercial events you should  report that to the applicable author’s society of your country. If you want to record, make an arrangement, sample etc my music you should obtain an official permission.

Can I get a karaoke version of the song?

Due to the legal reasons I don’t make karaoke version available.

How to get sheet music?

I don’t make sheet music, choir and orchestral scores available. Probably in future I will release the sheet music of my songs but for now it’s not possible.

Is there going to be a concert in….. ?

You often ask if there is going to be a concert in your city. All confirmed concerts and performances are immediately announced on this website in the „Events” tab and also on my Facebook. We would love to play everywhere but it’s not always possible:) Doing our concerts takes a lot of effort and months of preparations. We plan them all the time but I put only confirmed ones on my website.

Can you listen to my singing?

I don’t make appointments to listen to anyone. If you want think you sing great and want to shear that with me send a link to your performance on YouTube. If I am impressed I’ll get in touch with you. If not that means I am not interested.

Can you listen to my music and give your opinion?

I don’t judge compositions, everyone writes from his heart and I am not the one to give opinions:) Due to legal reasons I even don’t listen and don’t open emails with recordings.

Can you send a movie with best wishes for....

Yes! Now it’s possible to order such a movie in our shop